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Courses Offered

Public Speaking (English) : Beginner or K -2

Here , we start from the very grass root level and focus on the all round development of the student developing his/her skills using the LSRW way of learining.

Colorful process infographic graph (2).gif
Public Speaking (English) : Advanced

You were know the language and you want to get ready to face the professional world. Well , guess what, this is the apt course for you. (Customised learning available at zero extra cost for interview preparation for adults)

Public Speaking (English) : Intermediate

We train you to be an excellent Orator who can make the world listen to his or her opinion and gradually get ready to face the world with confidence.

Mathematricks : Logical and Analytical skills

Bopst your Mathematics , Reasoning and Problem Solving skills and get ready to ace any exam or interview involving such skills.

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