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Speaking Course for 1st-12th (A batch of 5) MWFS

  • 90Days
  • 8Steps


This course is meant for Professional Enhancements of Language skills in the student who will be mentored by the best experts from the industry . The sessin will be very interactive as we believe in practical implementation of ideas over bookish cramming . The kid will participate in various activities such as Group Discussion , Debate , Mock United Nation , Stand-Up Comedy , Elocution , Poetry Writing , Story Writing , Essay Writing and many more. This will not only help him get better understanding of his academics where he will consecutively doing well but also will act as a confidence booster when he steps out into the real world. Long story short , when your kid steps out in the world , he should not be the one who should be ready for the world ; it is the world that should be ready for him. Number of Classes : 3 classes in a week + 1 doubt solving session ( For his academics) + access to activities and clubs *The doubt solving session is included in the monthly price and will be conducted to solve your child's doubts faced by him in his academics .

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